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Trump Healthcare Plan - How It Would Affect Obamacare

Trump vs. Clinton health insurance has been one of the major points of debate over the past few months in the US. Both the candidates have tried to explain their plans on what would follow, should they win the election for the Presidency. Donald Trump has been rather enigmatic in this aspect, even though he was firm as to whether or not Obamacare would be replaced. Some people call his plans and ideas, Trump Care

Now that Donald Trump has won the US Presidential election, it remains to be seen whether Obamacare will be repealed and replaced altogether, or if Trump will make changes and adjustments to the Affordable Care Act that fall more in line with what the GOP and Trump himself believe to be a more efficient, affordable, and beneficial system. The Obamacare Enrollment Period for 2017 is still open and until things officially change in the White House, Obamacare will continue to enforce the Individual Mandate and Tax Penalties for not having health insurance.

Since being elected, Trump has pulled back on completely hacking Obamacare to pieces. He promises change, but now says, "Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced. He believes it can work if the state lines were removed, having a single marketplace to increase the competition and prices among the insurers. There are a few additional elements of the Affordable Care Act that Donald Trump would definitely like to keep. Trump said, "I want to keep pre-existing conditions. (The part of Obamacare that prevents insurers from denying coverage to already sick individuals) I think we need it. I think it’s a modern age. And I think we have to have it.” In addition to wanting to keep the pre-existing condition element, Trump would also like to continue with health coverage of young people up to age 26 allowing them to remain on their parent's insurance. "We're going to very much try to keep that. It adds cost but it's very much something we're going to try to keep," Trump said.

Initially, according to Donald Trump, Obamacare is an awful system that requires radical reform and thorough replacement. It seems this hard line stance has been softened a bit after the recent election. His main goal remains a healthcare system that would offer more affordable health insurance, while allowing the insurance companies to still prosper financially.

What Will Trump Do With Obamacare?

Based on Trump, it is possible to replace Obamacare and come up with something terrific. The Trump health insurance plan is also known as Trump Care, which is a more innovative reform of the already existing Obamacare. The modification of the current legislation is not something that can happen overnight. However, with continuous improvements, this can be proven practical and efficient.

Basically, Trump Obamacare is going to expand Medicaid and enable the citizens to make better use of the Health Savings Accounts. Especially when it comes to young adults and people without any significant health problems, this is going to be extremely appealing. In addition, healthcare providers should be kept 100% transparent and open to the best value for money. This would mean that no hidden costs are allowed.

Can Donald Trump change healthcare?

Obviously, it is great to talk about an ideal healthcare plan that will change the current way of doing things in this department. However, it is different to practice what you preach. Trump Obamacare is definitely a healthcare system with potential benefits to all the working classes in the US. If it is applied properly, it can save the system a lot of money that can be used elsewhere and make a difference.

On the other hand, even Republicans know that such a change is not visible any time soon. It could take a lot of time, and it could be even further prolonged, given the obstacles that emerge along the way. This is especially true if Democrats take control of the House and Senate and are unwilling to work on a happy medium and compromises to approve a Trump Healthcare Plan. Although nobody can argue that the theory is great, it is still theoretical, and it remains unknown if it can be applied to the current system without failure.

When it comes to the Clinton healthcare plan vs. Trump health insurance plans, they are both exquisitely optimistic and do not present any viable solutions that can be applied overnight. So their true worth is yet to be determined.