Is Pregnancy a pre existing condition? Can I still get insurance?

Under Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act, pregnancy was no longer be considered a pre-existing condition when the calendar clicked over to 2014. Before the new healthcare reform, some insurance companies could deny coverage to women or charge them higher rates if they were already pregnant. Starting in 2014, it became illegal for any insurance company to deny health coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

What About Other Pre-Existing Conditions?

Insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage to anybody with a pre existing condition. That's a change from how it currently is, as you can sometimes have problems finding insurance coverage if you have a pre-existing condition.

In addition, under the Affordable Care Act, you may choose any primary healthcare provider, pediatrician, or OB-GYN in your health plan’s network, or emergency care outside of the plan’s network, without a referral.

Before the Affordable Care Act, women would often be charged a higher premium than men due to the potential for more healthcare costs. Eg: Pregnancy, regular OB-GYN checkups, etc. To give you an idea, a woman in her early 20's may be charged 150% more that the policy that the same aged man paid. Starting in 2014, insurance companies will no longer be allowed to charge women more for their premium than men. The law takes strong action to control health care costs and improving fairness of the system, including helping states crack down on excessive premium increases and making sure most of your premium dollars go for your health care.

Maternity coverage will be required in new insurance plans. Healthcare plans and insurance companies routinely exclude maternity insurance in their private medical plans, strictly because it's only women who need the coverage. Not only is there a small amount of private companies offering maternity care, what is offered is often not enough due to high deductibles and long waiting periods. This will be a thing of the past once Obamacare is fully in place and health plans will all come with maternity insurance. Being pregnant will no longer be considered a pre-existing condition.

*Source: Women and The Affordable Care Act