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Clinton Healthcare Plan - How It Would Affect Obamacare

During the latter part of September, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton started to unveil her plans for the Clinton Healthcare Plan. Clinton said that she is committed to upholding the Obamacare Act, but she has plans to advance the current health system. She has plans to empower Clinton Obamacare which means expanding and entrenching the Affordable Care Act. The flaw in the existing health insurance is calling for higher mandate, regulations, and taxes. The Clinton and Trump healthcare plan differ in the fact that Clinton is looking for a way to strengthen, improve, and ultimately fix the few Obamacare flaws, while Trump wants to replace it completely.

The Clinton Obamacare Act 2.0

President Obama may have succeeded in creating the Affordable Care Act, but the success of Obamacare relies on the next president to fix the present flaws with the system, while working with the major insurance companies to figure out a successful relationship and beneficial platform for both citizens and insurers. That is what Clinton aims to do. With the long years of experience in the healthcare industry which can be traced back to the year 1990, Hillary Clinton sees numerous ways on how to empower a healthcare plan that will enable the Clinton healthcare plan to succeed.

The current fee, taxes, regulation, and mandate under the Affordable Care Act have forced certain insurers to increase their out-of-the-pocket expenses and deductibles in order to maintain the premiums affordability. Clinton, however, does not support that idea. She is hoping that in the Clinton Obamacare, she can mitigate the cost of the out-of-the-pocket expenses and deductibles.

The Future of Obamacare Under Clinton

To start with, Clinton is looking to place a limitation on patient spending using their own money when it comes to prescription drugs, especially for citizens suffering chronic illness. A total of $250 per month will be the standard limitation. Next, she wants all the healthcare insurers to cover around 3 visits to a primary care physician every year without affecting the deductibles. Finally, the Clinton healthcare plan wants to make it mandatory that health insurance companies categorize an emergency health visit as in-network cost sharing.

Under the new Clinton Obamacare plan, she will strengthen the government’s authority to restrict or block the unreasonable increase in the premiums imposed by insurers. This would prevent the insurance companies any excessive increases in their insurance rate which will help the general percentage of Americans be better able afford their health insurance premiums. Clinton would also create a system that ensures any potential mergers between the major health insurance providers would be beneficial to the consumers, and not "for profit" healthcare companies.

Clinton also proposes intricate and comprehensive income-based credit on tax that is designed to subsidize the personal expenses on acquiring health services. People who exceed 5% of their salary on their medical expenses will be qualified to receive the tax credits. This tax credit would amount to $2,500 per person or as much as $5,000 for the whole family.

Much like the Trump Healthcare Plan, these are lofty goals that would not only require cooperation from the opposing party, but most likely some serious compromises on behalf of Clinton and her administration. The future of Obamacare remains up in the air no matter who becomes the next President of the United States, but both nominees hope to learn from the pitfalls of the current Affordable Care Act, while improving on some of it's success.