Can I Get Private Health Insurance?

The simple answer to that is yes, but there are some factors to take into account. Give Us a Call Toll Free (844) 899-9853 and a Health Specialist will walk you through your options. How much money you make, are you eligible for subsidies and if you want to go out of market or otherwise called off exchange health insurance all play a role in private health plan options.

One fact that needs to be noted is that when Obamacare first went into effect, the entirety of the insurance market had to comply with specific regulations and cover basic benefits, rights and all protections according to policies. These are based on minimum coverage to allow for the tax credit and meet requirements for basic coverage so not to accrue the penalty for not having health insurance.

Shopping For Off Exchange Health Plans

If you plan on shopping around for different rates and coverage out of the marketplace, then there are some facts that need to be understood. First and foremost, it would be a good idea to shop around for better rates and coverage if you do not qualify for cost assistance within the healthcare marketplace. If you make more than $46,680 dollars annually for a single person and more than $95,400 for a family of four, you will not qualify for cost assistance, otherwise known as the Obamacare Subsidy

If you desire to look for off exchange health insurance because the marketplace for Obamacare offers do not meet your needs or simply are not offered is another option. To give you the best benefits to meet your needs we can help you shop around and see which agents and insurers offer the types of private health coverage you desire.

Regulations and Costs

It does not matter if you go off exchange health insurance coverage or choose to use the marketplace for insurance coverage, all costs are regulated. Meaning if you choose a private health insurance out of the marketplace, they cannot charge you larger premiums than is offered through the marketplace for the same coverage in your local region.

Options for Buying Private Health Insurance

If you are choosing to shop around, there are many ways to go about finding the perfect private health insurance to suit your needs. It does go beyond cost in terms of coverage and what your preferences are, so being sure of exactly what you need is important. We work with off exchange agents as well as marketplace insurers. We can help you locate the ideal cost effective health coverage for your particular needs

The only way to get cost assistance or to utilize the marketplace is to opt in during open enrollment through your states portal or the national healthcare marketplace. If you need to shop around for private health insurance, that is off exchange health insurance, know they cannot charge you more than your local regions regulations. In addition, you may visit plan finder